Friday, June 19, 2015

five on friday

five on friday- scrapbooking at the library
(Sometimes I go to the library and scrapbook because scrapbooking is as important as the guy studying for finals next to me. Photo credit: Jasmine).

1. Must do: How To Host A Game Night For Adults by Molly Madfis. I've been playing plenty of games with my girls. It would be nice to play with some adults soon.

2. Oh my goodness. Ann-Marie Espinoza's Scrapbook for her daughter Briar is so cute! I love all the pink.

3. Um. Just stop. I love this: DIY Faux Stained Glass Bottles by Emma Chapman.

4. I agree with this so much: "I'd pick (and do pick) books over television, movies and human interaction" by Elise Cripe in her post When Do You Read?!

5. I don't know why I love these kind of lists so much, but I do: 30 Small Things I Do Every Day That Improve The Quality Of My Life by Amy Johnson.

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Hope you have a good one!