Friday, June 5, 2015

five on friday / "we need s'more teachers like you" gift idea

I recycled a teacher's gift idea from a few years ago to use this year. See it here.
"we need s'more teachers like you" gift idea
For this teacher's gift, fill a jar with ingredients for s'mores- graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Make a card or tag to attach that says, "We need s'more teachers like you." And that's it.
"we need s'more teachers like you" gift idea
(I love the Friendship Jar stamp set from Papertrey Ink).

Anyhow. I came across 5 links this week that I'd like to share with you:

1. Why, I'm thinking my bedroom is cavernous. This is helpful: 10 Ways To Divide Your Enormous, Cavernous Room by Thalita from The Learner Observer on Sarah Von Bargen's Yes and Yes. I love backless bookshelves.

2. I've been getting kinda lax with my morning routine. I'm gonna have to tweak it when my kids start their summer break next week and stick to it. Though I'm hardly an entrepreneur (unless you're counting the Rodarte family enterprise I'm running), this article is still inspiring: 10 Morning Rituals of Successful Entrepreneurs by Yong Kang Chan. Takeaway: "The number one thing that these successful entrepreneurs have in common is to wake up early."

3. Another from Lifehack (one of my favorite sites): 15 Daily habits Of Highly Organized People by Alex Filipovic. I think the universe is trying to tell me something: "Getting up early should be the first habit you adopt if you want to become organized. [...] You have the whole day in front of you and possibilities regarding what you can achieve during only one day are limitless."

4.  Yes to "getting stuff done and staying focused." This week Beth Penn discussed the Pomodoro Technique and discussed using it to get things done. The Pomodoro Technique involves setting a ticking timer (the ticking is a reminder of what you intended to do in case you get distracted) to complete what you set out to do. Read about it on Beth's post Tick, Tick, Tick.

5. Finally- today is my meal planning/grocery buying day. Not my favorite activities, but they really make the rest of the week run more smoothly. Natalie Noack recently shared Tips for Making Dinner Prep Easier. Her idea to take notes on "what needs to be done the day before or morning before that evening's supper" is a brilliant. Natalie says, "I check the meal plan that evening & thaw my meats, cut vegetables or prepare the crockpot for tomorrow's dinner." Smart.
"We need s'more teachers like you" gift idea
Hope you have a good one.

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