Monday, May 11, 2015

mother's day 2015

I really enjoyed our Mother's Day celebration this year. My older girls had been crafting Mother's Day presents early Saturday morning before the rest of us got up. When I woke up, they insisted I open my presents. They must have inherited that excitement/impatience to give presents from me. I have a tendency to give gifts before it's time. "Open it! I can't wait anymore!".

Lani gave me a candle and coupons (I love homemade coupons). Evie gave me a really funny, handwritten card (classic her) and money (her allowance money- lol). Addy gave me a beautiful, thoughtful gift- a bracelet with beads and a key charm, which are symbolic. After she gave me the bracelet, she recited a poem to me: "The day I was born, you cried a tear [blue bead] of heartfelt love [red bead] and joy. You are the sunshine [yellow bead] of my world, a gift from heaven [white bead] above. You hold the key [key charm] to my heart." *All the happy tears.* She made it at school. I'm sending a thank you card to her teacher for such a thoughtful Mother's Day gift idea.

Jesse set up my coffee station for me (hooray!). (I'll be sharing that in more detail soon!) He also made a wooden crate organizer for my craft space. It's exactly like the vintage, cassette tape organizer I have (and love). He also always gives me the nicest cards with the sweetest sentiments. I have quite the collection from him. He also gave me a gift card to Starbucks. Woop.

Even my sister Jasmine got me a gift! How nice is she? [I've been slowly getting rid of my plastic tupperware and replacing them with glass storage containers. She gave me a set of containers. Yay! Glass storage containers are so much easier to wash and they don't stain!]
mother's day
Sunday morning we planned for brunch at my mom's house with my siblings and my brother in law Oscar's family.
mother's day
We set up a breakfast burrito bar (eggs, tater tots, bacon, links, cheese, salsa, sour cream). Mmm!
mother's day
I was happy to celebrate with my mom and my girls (and family, of course). My siblings and I had flowers delivered to my mom on Friday at work. The ones pictured are not it. lol. Jasmine and Oscar got her these flowers and recently remodeled her kitchen for her. It's hardly worth mentioning the little, coffee maker I got for her. haha! (I love you, TOO, mom! ;)
mother's day
Seriously though. It was a beautiful way to spend Mother's Day. In the afternoon, my family and I took a long nap and had a quiet dinner in the evening. I requested grilled chicken quesadillas, "crazy corn," and salad. Yum!

If you celebrate, I hope you had a happy Mother's Day, as well. :)

P.S. Jasmine or Oscar took most of these pictures.

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