Thursday, May 28, 2015

may recap

Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See this year's monthly recap here. See 2014's monthly recaps here.
may goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan) (thank you!)

May was full of celebrations. For one, we celebrated Mother's Day. My girls couldn't wait, and I received my gifts early from them on Mother's Day weekend. I don't mind as I am an impulsive gift-giver myself. We headed to my mom's on Mother's Day for a special Mother's Day brunch that Sunday. I blogged about it in more detail here.
may recap
This month we celebrated my sister Jasmine's birthday with breakfast for dinner and a movie. Read about it here.
may recap
Special, birthday shout-outs this month: my father-in-law Dale, my sister-in-law Sarah, and my cousin Marta. :)

This month we also attended a cute "cupcake wars" birthday party for Evie's best friend. We made a paper bag album for her. See it here.
may recap
This month I also worked on my 2015 pocket scrapbook (kinda):
five on friday
I also worked on reorganizing my craft space as it was a goal this month. I blogged about it here.
may recap
This month I blogged about a couple of my favorite hobbies:
may recap
Best hobby award goes to reading the books before I watch the movies. Read about that here.
gardening- raised, garden beds
gardening- raised, garden beds
Well... and gardening. Read about that here.
may recap
This month I added 4 recipes to my Greek yogurt 52 ways project:
#13 upside down mint chocolate pie
#14 peach cobbler
#15 cool lime pretzel squares
#16 german chocolate "cake"

This project stemmed from a goal I made in January to "eat healthy desserts." I had that German chocolate "cake" for dessert last night.

Speaking of healthy living, I invited sister Jasmine to blog about active living. Read that here.
my weight loss toolbox: active living
As for my May goals, this is how I did:
five on friday

  • Reorganize my craft space (this is what it looked like until this happened)
  • I did! I'm getting used to it, but definitely feeling better about it.
  • Stick to my evening routine
  • I wasn't as successful with this as I would've liked. I think I wanted to add too much too soon. I plan to correct that next month.
  • Create a spring cleaning bucket list of things to do (inspired by Cerri's list)
  • I did! Jesse even got most of the garage done this past weekend. That was #1 on our list.
  • Begin creating a calming bedroom
  • Boo. Not at all!
  • Add a few green smoothies to my diet
  • I did.
  • Go on evening walks with my girls
  • We did. I'm looking forward to that again next month.

    I'll be back tomorrow for Five on Friday. I'll be sharing my goals for June on Monday. :)