Friday, May 15, 2015

five on friday

Happy Friday! (or Friyay! as I've been hearing it said lately. :) My girls didn't have school today, so I slept for an extra hour. Did you hear the heavens open and reverberate with angelic singing?? My regular alarms went off and it was so nice to turn them off- "Won't be needing your services today. Thank you!"

I had pictures from my Greek yogurt 52 ways project printed to put on my fridge.
five on friday // printing my greek yogurt 52 ways recipes for my fridge
I'm putting them on my fridge because I read that "low calorie food pics or photos can have a beneficial effect in keeping us on track when we get those awful cravings. They help to remind us of our weight loss goals." I shared the link to the article a few weeks ago here- it was 40 Weight Loss Tips Backed By Science by Robert Locke.
five on friday // printing my greek yogurt 52 ways recipes for my fridge

Anyway! I came across 5 links this week that I'd like to share:

1. Jackie from Love Jac shared Introducing: Inkable Envelope Stamp. Though many companies make these types of stamps, Jackie's are unique. The "Handle with..." stamp and "#happymail" stamps are cute. I can see myself using those often. I'm standing in line to order my set!

2. I've been following Miriam Rodriguez on Instagram for a while. I enjoy getting glimpses into her pretty craft space. This week she shared her entire work space on the Studio Calico blog. Miriam says her favorite items in her space include the desk and paper organizer her husband made for her. Those are my favorite, too.

3. You had me at "lists:" 8 Lists To Keep If You Want To Be Successful by Casey Imafidon and also related to success: 10 Things Early Birds Do that Make Them More Likely To Be Successful by Amy Johnson.

4. Really. I like helpful lists: 20 1-Minute Habits That Will Make Your Day Better by Sarah Lipoff.   I'm happily already doing #2 "Create a to-do list for the day," #3 "Write down daily goals," and #9 "Take one minute to do something you love." For my evening routine, I have been trying to review my accomplishments for the day. I'm thinking I might try #18 on the list instead: "Write down five things you did today that made you feel good."

5. I know very little about photography, and try to learn where I can. I appreciate posts that are easy for a novice to understand. (Sometimes, I'm like "Aperture- what??!") I was intrigued by this post (and understood most of it!): What are Catchlights? by Janae Hardy.

Hope you have a good one!! :)

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