Thursday, May 14, 2015

currently in may

currently in may
reading The Hunger Games. Yes, I've watched the movie. I have a project this year to read books before they're made into movies. Mockingjay part 2 is expected to be released in November. I'm reading the trio of books before part 2 is released. I typically read the books before watching the movie, so reading after I watched the movie first is interesting. I can't help but picture the actors chosen to represent characters and the settings chosen. I notice that as I read, my mind fills in the gaps... molding the character/setting/etc. to what my imagination thinks it is. I am enjoying the mental exercise.

watching movies made from books. I just watched the Twilight series after having read the books. I enjoyed the books much more than the movies... such a unique story line! Even if you don't like the series, you have to give her props for creativity.

eating so. much. Greek. yogurt. (Not complaining!)

listening to the Andy Stanley podcast every morning. It's my favorite. It's like free, daily therapy. ha.

working on spring cleaning my house... sorta... kinda... when I have time (which is hardly ever).

dreaming of a very clean, stylized bedroom.

attempting to stick to my evening routine. I think I tried to add too much at one time. I need to stick to two or three things.

needing to choose healthier early evening snacks. I've been reaching for the unhealthy. Womp.

wearing jeans, a striped knit sweater, and flats. It's comfortable, mom wear. ;)

intending to replace those flats soon. I love them, but they're looking pretty beat up. It'll be sandal weather before I know it though.

trying to walk in the evenings with my girls (on non Zumba nights and when there isn't other activities planned). It's the best one on one time with them!

wanting to finish up that train case! It's so cool.

bribing my girls to a trip to Claire's and $$$ if they stick to their morning routine 90% of the time this month. I'm thinking I may have to grade on a curve.

hoping I'll be able to sneak in some crafting time this weekend and work on my pocket scrapbook / Project Life book.

laughing at Evie's Mother's Day card for me. She included a Vector from Despicable Me "Oh yeah!" happy dance at the end of it (she literally wrote "Oh yeah!" down, corrected me when I didn't say it like Vector, and then danced to it to demonstrate).

missing alone time. I hardly every have any.

knowing that this season of my life is full and rich, that I am immensely blessed- even if things aren't going exactly my way. (I said I miss alone time. ;)

planning fun, summer break activities. I'm so excited for the first one! My girls are gonna love it!

thinking about all of the vegetables that are going to grow in our garden this summer (if we ever plant them).

enjoying a second cup of hot coffee as I finish up this post. My print came in!

Hope you have a good one!

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