Thursday, May 7, 2015

coffee station // bar inspiration

Jesse asked me what I wanted for mother's day. I told him several things because I'm a pain, but I also told him I wanted to set up a little, coffee station in our kitchen, which I've been thinking about for months. I've come across several in those months that have inspired what I plan to do.
coffee stations inspiration
The first coffee bar I came across was Natalie's from Natalie Creates. I refer to hers the most often. It's the one above, on the left. I love that she repurposed an inexpensive dresser for her bar. I also love that she used a variety of colorful, eclectic pieces. I recently purchased that "Have a Cup of Cheer" print for my station.

Some of my favorite stations are from A Beautiful Mess. No surprise there, right? The one above, on the right, is from ABM's headquarters. (How cool are they?!)
coffee stations inspiration
The coffee cart above, on the left, is the same cart in a different spot. Funny how a backdrop and art pieces can really change and define a space. The cart on the right was featured on Farm Fresh Therapy. I keep toying with various trays to hold my mugs... I can't settle on one. This wire basket/tray speaks to me.
coffee stations inspiration
The coffee cart above, on the left, is Elsie's (the founder of A Beautiful Mess). It's the one in her home. That Elsie is a genius. Check out Emma's (the co founder of ABM) in her home here. That Emma is also a genius. Though I love (LOVE) all of the carts (and dresser), I'm thinking I'm going to stick to a spot on my counter for now. I have enough room for a small spot in my kitchen. I've seen others feature a small space in their kitchens. I like the coffee corner featured on Only Deco Love, the one pictured above, on the right. The simple black and white/neutrals scheme is pretty.

I'm excited to share my coffee station with you soon. I hope I can settle on a tray soon. ha. ;)

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