Wednesday, April 22, 2015

workspace wednesday // things i'm working on*

workspace wednesday // things i'm working on*
I'm working on starting my 2015 memory book. I'm looking through pictures, papers I've collected (receipts, pamphlets, paperwork from my daughters' schools, etc.), my tweets, and my Instagram feed to piece together the last few months. It's much like I'm a detective solving a mystery.

I'm working on getting used to my new craft space. You may remember that my work space was behind my couch (see here). Well, Juli has been climbing on top of the couch reaching for whatever she can on my desk and making big messes. It was funny until it wasn't. We moved the shelves to the opposite side of the dining area against the wall. I'm not used to it, yet... I'm giving it 1 month. I'll move it back and continue to fight with Juli about it if I still don't like it by then.

I'm working on staying within my points (calorie count). I'm learning to eat meals/snacks which don't leave me feeling hungry- those which are point worthy. I'm referring to this list of high protein meals/snacks.

I'm working on spring cleaning. I'm using this checklist, but don't like it as much as I liked this one.

I'm working on sticking to my recently established evening routine. I will be talking more about it tomorrow. (I shared a list of helpful sites for establishing evening routines here).

I'm working on planting vegetables including those for a salsa bed. Jesse made 2 raised garden beds this past Sunday. We had purchased the materials on Saturday night and he made the boxes Sunday morning. I didn't even know he could make something like that so fast. I told him that, and he said, "You must not know what I do for a living." ha. I told him he was holding out on me, and I have all kinds of projects lined up for him.

I'm working on reading every day. I have been skipping days here and there and then "making them up" by reading the next day. That's not the point, self! (I shared tips for reading more books here).

I'm working on enjoying exercise. I go to a Zumba class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I really like that class. I'm struggling with the rest of the week though. Monday I worked out to this DVD, muted her, and played other music. It was slightly more enjoyable that way. (Read about overcoming exercise challenges here).

I'm working on sorting through my clothes. It's time to get rid of some things. I think it'd be really cool to do that capsule wardrobe thing that's been going around. Heard of it? I was introduced to it here.

I'm working on putting the finishing touches on the envelope book, so I can share the tutorial next week. I like it so far.

*This post was inspired by Rachel's.

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