Monday, April 6, 2015

pretty, easter, felt "baskets"

Is there anything worse than a traditional, Easter basket? I hate those things. Last year I came across these felt, Easter bags though, and they're so cute! I won't be going back to traditional, Easter baskets.
pretty easter felt "baskets"
I bought these at the 99¢ Store last year after Easter, and saved them to use this year. I might have even bought them for less than 99¢ as it was after Easter.
pretty easter felt "baskets"
Jasmine (my sister) stuffed the bags with candy. I found those erasers, chick cookies (I love it!), and chocolate lollipops at the 99¢ Store, as well. I also spotted some more adorable, felt bags. I might be going back to stock up for next year. (The 99¢ Store/$1 store/$1 bins are good places to shop for inexpensive, seasonal items).
pretty easter felt "baskets"
We hosted a simple celebration this year. We had lunch with my extended family (my sister in law Sarah makes the b.e.s.t. macaroni and cheese) and the kids hunted for eggs after lunch. Jasmine made these adorable haystack nests and dyed the deviled eggs she made in pastel colors. She's so creative.
pretty easter felt "baskets"
A few years ago my friend Denise gave us this Easter egg carton. Each egg in the carton contains a religious figurine. The carton also comes with a booklet explaining how each figurine relates to the resurrection story. We use the carton kind of like an advent calendar. We open one egg a day and read the story about it the 12 days before Easter. It's become an Easter tradition. I didn't get around to it yesterday, but I like to read the story with the kids after the egg hunt- opening every egg for them to see the figurines. I think we'll read the story together today. They're still drowning in plastic eggs filled with candy, so it's still relevant. ;)

If you celebrate, I hope you had a great Easter! :) See you tomorrow!

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