Thursday, April 16, 2015

making time to craft // guest post!

This is another special, guest post by my friend (and sister ;) Jasmine. I invited her to share tips for making time to craft. (See her first guest post: 12 Dates // Valentine's Day or Anniversary Gift Idea here and her second: 8 1/2 x 11" Pocket Scrapbook Idea here).

Hello again! I'm baaaack (I can tell that we are gonna be friends. ;) Jessica has asked me to talk about making time to craft and while I don't know that I am the best person to be providing expert advice on this subject given that I just finished my 2014 album two weeks ago, I am excited to share what I've learned about making time to memory keep over the last couple of years. I believe if you try to “find the time to craft or [insert any other leisurely activity you may enjoy here],” you never will. I think it’s important to be intentional with our time especially when it comes to hobbies.

When I share my pocket scrapbook albums with people, I typically get one of two responses:
  1. How neat! I’d love to start one! Or
  2. Who has the time for this?! (Snarky much?)
But it’s kind of true. Who “has the time” anymore? In this life where our every minute is accounted for and no one seems to “find the time” for much of anything let alone, printing pictures, cropping, inking, stamping, creating layouts, journaling (oh the horror), embellishing etc. etc. In our lives that are filled to the brim with friends, families, working, parenting, driving, cooking, cleaning, working out, and a slew of other responsibilities, “who has the time?" I don't think any of us “have the time," but just like anything else that is of any value to us, we make the time.

In general, I’m pretty methodical when I craft. I have a process and for the most part it’s been working pretty well for me. I split my crafting into sections that way it doesn't feel so daunting when I have months of layouts to complete and so that when I do make the time to craft, I have a plan.

I start by creating very rough sketches of my layouts on sticky notes and sticking them to my handy dandy notebook.
guest post on the blog: making time to craft
Because I’m sticking to an 8 1/2 x 11" album this year (see here), I typically print two pictures on one 4x6" print which requires me to know the orientation, size, and positioning of my layouts before I print my pictures.
guest post on the blog: making time to craft
After I’ve planned out my layouts, I format my prints in PowerPoint and send them off to Wal-Mart to be printed. Picking up my pictures may be my least favorite part of the entire process because it seems I’m always having to hunt down an employee (don’t they know I’m writing a post on how to be an efficient scrapbooker??). After I've successfully sniffed out someone in a navy blue vest, I love looking through my pictures, cropping, and placing them in their predetermined pockets. I know it may seem unusual, but I love this part of the process. The part where nothing has been embellished or beautified, but the pictures are all where they're supposed to be and surrounded by empty pockets. It’s pretty much an empty canvas to document memories and I love that.

Now for the fun part! Craft away! I've discussed this before, but one of the reasons I love pocket scrapbooking is that you can take it one 3x4 inch square at a time. I think it’s practical for people (namely, everyone) that will likely be interrupted or have to step away from a layout.

Aside from splitting up my allotted crafting time into separate sections, the best tip I can give to make time for craft is to always be prepared to craft. Jessica touched on a similar concept for making time to read (see here) and I think this same mentality can be applied to scrapbooking. I’m definitely not suggesting you lug around your bookshelf full of stamps, washi tape, and wooden embellishments everywhere you go, but I do always carry my notebook with me. When I find myself alone during lunch, waiting for an appointment, or even in the car (as a passenger), it’s nice to have the option of catching up on my journaling, planning future layouts, or looking through my pictures and jotting down my favorites. Since I have made it a point to carry my notebook (and pen!) everywhere I go, I have been surprised by how many opportunities I find to craft. I also find it helpful to jot down things that inspire me as I’m on the move. Like I said, I think it’s important to be intentional in the way that way that we view or time and the way that we live our lives. I hope you make the time to fill your life with the things you really enjoy this week!

Thank you, Jasmine! 

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