Friday, April 24, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
I had a slow week this week. I was the real life version of that grumpy, looking sideways emoticon. Last night, during dinner, I asked my kids to share something interesting about their day. Lani said, "Well. I wasn't grumpy this morning." Surprised, I said, "I don't think you're ever grumpy in the mornings. Are you?" She said, "I guess I hide it well." Evie said, "Oh, she doesn't." I jokingly said, "I guess this bullying is going on behind my back." Evie said, "Well, you and Lani are about the same" [grumpy/temperament-wise]. I said, "Oh, and you just wake up like a little angel cake; don't you?" She laughed one of those deep, gutteral laughs. Ha. Somebody help my husband. We're a bunch of moody ladies here. ;)

I'd like to share a few links I came across this week.

1. Maggie Massey shared her work space for Workspace Wednesday on the Studio Calico blog. I really like it. Her space is located in her family room so she can be close to her family while she crafts. Mine is, as well! See my work space here.

2. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess shared a tour of her home on video. It's beautiful! She's so successful and she still seems so very sweet. (Other successful bloggers seem arrogant sometimes!) Emma, Elsie's sister and business partner, also shared a tour of her home. Love it! Emma also shared plush pillows she made using official documents- like her wedding certificate. It's too bad my sewing machine terrifies me.

3. Do you like peeking inside of people's cabinets and junk drawers? Me, too. #nosy. Sasha from Lemonade Makin' Mama shared a peek inside of her kitchen cabinets and drawers and whoa. She's organized. Her home is lovely!

4. Elizabeth from Dear Lizzy shared an envelope album this week. It's so pretty. I've been feeling envelopes lately. I'm sharing an envelope book tutorial next week using this artistic kit. Related: tiny, envelope books from Cerri using Julie's tutorial (super cute).

5. This week as I pondered my routines in the morning and in the evening (which leave little to the imagination as to how I spend my time), I happened to listen to Andy Stanley's Your Move podcast episode: Ask It, Part 3- Time Over Time. It was immensely inspiring and thought-provoking. In this episode he discusses how to make the most of our time. He made 4 observations. I'm sharing my favorite quotes from each observation:

a. "Investing small amounts of time over time is cumulative" or "summative." He listed exercise and eating right as examples. "There is no benefit in one installment." Also, "there is no consequence in missing one." "In the key areas of life, it is the single, constant deposits that make all the difference in the world."

b. "Neglect is cumulative, as well." "Neglect is easy and neglect is costly." "When we choose to neglect what's important, it's costly."

c. "Random has no cumulative value." "There is no cumulative value in the random things that we opt for over the important things."

d. "In the areas that matter most, you can't make up for misspent time." "You can't pull an all-nighter" to make up for misspent time.

He quotes from the Bible: "'Therefore, be careful how you walk' or how you live 'not as unwise men, but as wise' ... 'making the most of your time.'" [Ephesians 5:15, 16] "Time is your most valuable asset." "It's your most valuable commodity."

Finally, he poses this question: "Where do you need to begin making consistent deposits of time?"

(To note: I realize you may not be religious. However, I think this topic is universally applicable and I think his message is inspiring. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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