Friday, April 17, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
... the little box from my soon to be sister in law Jenna asking, "Will you be my... bridesmaid?" The locket has "bridesmaid" inscripted on the inside. One of the charms in the locket says "blog." Perfect! It's so pretty. Are you sure you want a frumpy bridesmaid though, Jenna? ;)

These are 5 links I came across this week that I'd like to share with you!

1. The work spaces Ali Edwards shared in her post Through The Lens | Version Scrap Tabletops are the best. I love these kinds of pictures.

2. I established an evening routine (now it's about sticking with it). Establishing an evening routine was one of my goals for April. I read an article this week about this topic: Jacob Cashman's 5 Evening Habits of Successful People. He says, "President Obama often spends a few hours each evening analyzing the following day’s schedule and tasks. [...] If tomorrow is known to be a hectic day, go through your schedule the day before and visualize what success means in each scenario."
(I shared several links to helpful articles about establishing an evening routine here).

3.  This  "anxietea" mug is on my wishlist for Mother's Day.

4. I thought this article was useful: 11 Simple Ways to Get Closer to Your Goal Weight via Popsugar. I liked tip #10: "Come to some tough realizations: The first one is that diets aren't the answer. There is no quick-fix diet, no one food you can or cannot eat, that has magical slimming powers. Anything that sounds too restrictive or not nutritionally sound is not the way to go. Find a way of eating that can be sustained for the rest of your life, where you eat healthy most of the time and allow for occasional splurges."

5. Fiber One is sharing the Greek yogurt 52 ways upside down lemon cream pie post I shared earlier this week on their Instagram feed and Facebook page next week. (See here). I feel like a legit blogger now. ;) Seriously, it's so cool! Anyway, I haven't tried their new mint brownie, yet. I'm itching to make this parfait.

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Hope you have a good one!