Tuesday, March 31, 2015

march recap

Yesterday I announced that I am giving away 7 artistic kits for 7 years of blogging. Click here for more details.
 7 years of blogging giveaway
Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See this year's monthly recaps here. See 2014's monthly recaps here.
march goals
Quick as a wink we're at the end of the month.

This month was full of memory keeping/paper crafting for me. Those are the kinds of months I like. :)
I shared several peeks at my work space for Workspace Wednesday:
march recap
Workspace Wednesday is one of my favorite weekly features.

I also shared the layouts in my 2014 pocket memory keeping / project life book. I shared layouts for May, August, September, and October. (I had skipped over May when I shared my summer 2014 book, which covered June, July, and part of August. That's why I shared May this month).
march recap
I attribute how easily I caught up this month to my recently reorganized 3x4" core cards:
color coordinated 3x4" core cards / project life / journaling cards
I sorted them by color, and it's really simplified my memory keeping process. See that post here.

I'm using a 12x12" book for memory keeping. This month I invited my sister Jasmine to share her 8 1/2x11" book with us. Check out her post here.
8 1/2 x 11" pocket scrapbook idea // guest post
Project life has been a major project for me for the last 3 years. It's one of my favorite projects. This year I'm also doing Greek yogurt 52 ways (last year I completed my 52 sandwiches project). This month I shared the health benefits of Greek yogurt- see here. I added two, new recipes to my project this month:
march recap
#6 caramel apple and #7 cheesecake with a sugar cookie topping.
I'll be sharing the recipe for chocolate dip using Greek yogurt next time (the picture on the bottom right). See all of my recipes for Greek yogurt thus far here.

My family and I started another project this month: family hiking.
march recap
I shared my tips for hiking with kids here.

My best new project / refound hobby is reading books. I used to be a voracious reader and am happy to be almost as voracious of a reader as I was at one time.
10 tips for reading more books
I shared tips for reading more books this month here.

Every month I set goals for the month. This is how I did with my March goals:

  • Work on a few just-for-fun craft projects. 
  • I did work on them, but I didn't complete my projects. Hopefully next month...

  • Recreate one of those adult version photos of a childhood photo as a gift for my mom's birthday this month
  • We did. See here!
  • Drink water first thing in the morning. (It's supposed to "be a great way to jump-start your body)."
  • I did really well with this. I stuck a water bottle by my bed early in the morning and that helped me remember to drink water first thing. I'm thinking it'll become a good habit for me. Though I cross it off, it will be an ongoing goal for me.

  • Track my meals and snacks regularly.
  • I did this every day this month. Somebody give me a bravo sticker. ;) Now to stay within my points (calorie count)... This is also another one of those that I'm crossing off, but planning to make this an ongoing goal.

  • Have my daughters stick to their assignment lists
  • We did okay with this. They're still learning to develop this habit... as am I.

    Tomorrow I will be sharing my goals for April. :)

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    Hope you're having a good one!