Monday, March 2, 2015

march goals

march goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan)
  • Work on a few just-for-fun craft projects. (I already know exactly what I want to make. I can't wait to work on them and share them with you!)
  • Recreate one of those adult version photos of a childhood photo as a gift for my mom's birthday this month. (I'm laughing already). 
  • Drink water first thing in the morning. (It's supposed to "be a great way to jump-start your body)."
  • Track my meals and snacks regularly. (This again? Yeah. Gotta get back on that bandwagon).
  • Have my daughters stick to their assignment lists. (We're trying to develop positive habits).
Ongoing goals from February:
Ongoing goals from January:
  • Eat healthy desserts (See my work in progress here)
  • Read at least 15 minutes every day
  • Document some of our family's favorite recipes
  • Do interval training a few times (I'm looking at you, Jillian)
Read more about my goals for 2015 here.

Here's to a productive month! What are your goals this month?