Sunday, March 29, 2015

giveaway! // 7 years of blogging **now closed**

I've been blogging for 7 years this month. *Deep bow.* ;) A little over 7 years ago, I stumbled upon my first blog. I've shared this story here, but I'll share a shorter version here... I came across a nonprofit blog 7 years ago. She was sharing just to share- no link to her shop, no sponsored posts, not even affiliate links. I was inspired by the beautiful pictures and stories of her thrifted finds, her stunning home, her garden, her family life, trips they had taken, and, of course, her paper crafts. I was inspired to start my own blog then. I was selling paper bag albums and premade scrapbooks at that time on eBay. I would sometimes make two of whatever I was selling- one to keep and one to sell because sometimes I liked the book so much, it was hard for me to sell it. Then, I thought, "Instead of making two of everything, I could just take pictures, post them on my [then nonexistent] blog, so I can always keep a record of things I've made." I clumsily started posting 7 years ago. I've refined my posts over the years (thank goodness), and am still learning what's blog-worthy. I am happy that you come to visit. I appreciate you, my readers, very much.

As a thank you, I am giving away 7 of the following kits- one for every year I've been blogging:
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
These kits are similar to the ones I gave away last year. See the kits here. (Also, see year 1's giveaway here, see year 2's giveaway here, see year 3's giveaway here).
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
Each of these kits include
1- "Hey girl!" rubber stamp or "Whatever!" rubber stamp or "Oh snap!" rubber stamp
5- 4x6" sheets of wood patterned / kraft / kraft & gold-foiled paper
11- 3x4" sheets of wood patterned / kraft / kraft & gold-foiled paper
1- vintage, bingo card with 2 white, silk flowers with gold brads
4- self adhesive labels (I use them as journaling spots in my scrapbooks or mini books)
6- black, heart stickers
1- flair badge / button (from my favorite buttons shop A Flair for Buttons)
3- clear buttons in varying sizes
1- bronze paper clip
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
I'm so excited to be able to share a kit with 7 of you! :)
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
If you'd rather just buy a kit (I feel you), I've also listed 3 of these kits in my etsy shop. Each kit has 1 of the 3 stamps. For 2 weeks only (the duration of the giveaway), I am listing these for $5 each. After two weeks, I will increase the price to $7. Grab yours in my etsy shop here! (I recommend checking out my other listings as I combine shipping).
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here telling me how long you've been reading my blog. :)
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
For additional entries:

Share my giveaway on InstagramTwitter, Flickr, or elsewhere. Leave a comment here linking to it. Each link counts as an additional entry.

If you follow me here on my blog (via a reader like Bloglovin' or Feedly), InstagramTwitter, or Flickr, let me know in the comments. Those all count as additional entries. I'm sorry, but I am only shipping within the US this time.
giveaway! 7 years of blogging
Also, see my Instagram feed for even more ways to enter. :) I will announce a winner on April 10th. (I've extended it to April 15th).

And I sincerely thank you for reading along!

***The winners are Jean, Barb, Cerri, Jen, Jennifer, Linda, and Heidi. Yay! I will be sending your kit to you as soon as I get your address! :)***

P.S. I host 2 big giveaways a year. One for my blog anniversary and one for my birthday. For my birthday, I giveaway a particular number of favorite items depending on how old I'm turning. I started this when I turned 30. See my 30 favorites giveaway here, my 31 favorites giveaway here, and my recent 32 favorites giveaway here.

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