Friday, March 27, 2015

five on friday

Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend. (I always do). We're heading to my sister Jennifer's place tomorrow during the day to spend part of the day with her. Sunday I have plans to get together with my good friend Kerri. Hooray!
five on friday
Here's a little peek at a Greek yogurt recipe I put together for my Greek yogurt 52 ways project. I didn't get the recipe just right, so I have to retry it. Oh, the woes of this project. ;)

I came across 5 links (or more) this week that I'd like to share with you:

1. I came across Stephanie Bryan's work on Instagram first, immediately started following her there, then headed to her blog Stephanie Makes, and am now following her there, as well. I love her work. Her Project Life album is beautiful! See her March spreads here.

Speaking of Instagram, are we friends there? Let's! @jessicarrodarte

2. I switched up my breakfast this week. I've been having lightly fried eggs topped with fresh salsa and baby Swiss cheese. I was happy to see that eggs made the list for The Top Foods People Who've Lost More Than 10 Pounds Eat for Breakfast via Women's Health Magazine.

3. I'm going to be freezing my girls' cereal for April Fool's Day. I can't wait to see their faces. I got the idea from Jordan Ferney's 3 Easy April Fools Ideas. I need to prepare myself for retaliation.

4. I'm not a work at home mom (I don't get paid anyway), but I appreciate all attempts at salvaging my sanity. ;) Read Staying Sane While Being a Work at Home Mama by Ann-Marie Espinoza. I wholeheartedly agree with learning to "Let it go." Ann-Marie says, "I’m slowly learning to give myself grace and accept the fact that I am doing the best that I can do at this stage of life."

5. Establishing an evening routine is on my list of goals for April. I've mentioned the imperativeness of establishing a morning routine a time or two; haven't I?  ;) Anyway, I'm taking notes from 10 Things Productive People Do Before Bed by Luigi Potenza for my evening routine.

P.S. I really enjoyed this week's episode of Elise Gets Crafty "Getting Organized" with Beth Penn of Bneato Bar. They discussed how getting organized can increase productivity. This is a topic I love.

Hope you have a great one!!