Friday, March 20, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
Friday is here! Insert hands up emoji. I had a great week though. My girls were on spring break, and we enjoyed a quiet week together.

I came across a few articles I'd like to share with you.

1. I love this: Nicole Reaves' How I'm Using My #Make29 Goal Tracker. Nicole is using her daily tracker to track her evening routine progress.* You know I'm all about routine! I talk about it practically every Friday for Five On Friday. I recently established a morning routine and am looking forward to establishing an evening routine. Nicole says, "My evening routine has changed a dozen times over the last several years, but one thing that has stayed the same is that the more I do to get myself and my family ready for the next day, the happier and calmer I am in the morning." Yes to "happier and calmer."

*I am using my daily tracker to track my progress with my "Read for 15 minutes at least every day" goal. I am really enjoying this goal as discussed in my post 10 Tips For Reading More Books here. I am also using my tracker (I printed several copies) to track my food journaling progress. I made a goal to track my meals this month, and I've been doing very well. See more of my posts about food journaling here. Finally, I am using my tracker to track my progress with exercise. Zumba, Jillian Michael's DVDs, walking, and hiking have been part of my regime. See My Weight Loss Toolbox posts here.

2. Speaking of exercise, this article is helpful: 10 Habits of People Who Love to Work Out by Jessica Migala . One habit is that they only do what they enjoy: "Start with an activity that you're interested in or already enjoy- it doesn't have to be what your neighbor said helped her lose weight or what the group- class trend of the moment is. What matters is that you like it. If you don't want to do it, you will make an excuse to skip it tonight (and tomorrow, and the next day)."

3. Another article I appreciated this week: Is Your To-Do List a Mess? Try These 6 Steps To Make It Useful Again by Peggy Nolan. Her 6 steps include: "Pick the right medium," "Begin with the end in mind," "Break it down," "Find a to-list system," "Cross it off," and "Stay focused." Check out her article for a break down of those tips.

4. Consider Sarah Von Bargen's Life Gets Awesome When You Opt Out. She says, "I remembered that freeing feeling of opting out and started applying it to other areas of my life. And I realized that there were plenty of things I could opt out of- things I could simply choose to not care about." Just this week I opted out of attempting to have a spotless home. I am embracing the thought: "Please excuse our mess. We live here."

5. As I get older, I realize how vitally important it is to maintain friendships. This article helps with just that: 10 Tips to Help You Keep More Good Friends by Dyan Williams. I agree with this: "Cultivating durable friendships involves building a solid foundation, resolving disagreements and misunderstandings, and showing appreciation for the person’s presence in your life. These all require staying in touch with your friends, not just online but offline as well."

Hope you have a good one! See you Monday. :)