Friday, March 13, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
I will be selling kits like these in my shop soon. I will also be giving away 7 of these to celebrate 7 years of blogging soon. Stay tuned!*

I came across 5 links (or more) this week that I'd like to share with you:

1. I haven't made a mini book in a long time. I'm itching to make one especially after seeing Nicole Reaves' "Building a Mini Book Kit From My Stash" and Kelly Purkey's "Portland Mini Album Using The New Clearly Kelly Wallet Album."

2. I don't scrap with my kids enough. I am going to use her tips: Kristin Tweedale's "Advice On Scrapping With Kids From A Non-Mom."

3. I'd really like to head to Hobby Lobby this weekend to make these candles: Jillian McClenahan's "How to Make a Candle in Three Easy Steps."

4. I enjoy reading the quotes Jelly Wong contributes to Lifehack every week. These were my favorite this week: "Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness" and "'Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.' -Ivana Trump." lol. I suppose a quote about a soft heart and a quote about revenge don't go hand in hand.

5. Finally, I am always striving to be more organized. This article is helpful: Daniel Philben's "20 Daily Habits Of Highly Organized People." Tip #4 is where it's at: "They have specific routines and rituals set for the start and end of every day Staying organized isn't all about being uptight. You should always spare some time out for things that make you who you are. You don't want to be a prisoner of your routine now, do you?" ;)

I hope you have a good weekend. :) See you Monday!

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