Thursday, March 5, 2015

current, top 5's

business cards
business cards (Unrelated to today's post, but I love pretty business cards).

I'm sharing top 5's today:

what I'm looking forward to:
  • the weekend (always)
  • my mom's birthday
  • buying new workout shoes
  • friend dates coming up
  • my coffee every morning
what I'm talking about:
  • sleep patterns- how long one should nap and how long one should sleep at night (in 90 minute intervals!)
  • effective exercise
  • the BFG with Evie. "It's disgusterous!"
  • elephants with Juli (you should see her impression- trunk and everything)
  • the Twilight series with Denise- and Jesse, who willingly entertains my jabber- he's a good faker if he's not willing
what I'm working on:
  • artistic kits
  • memory keeping (sorted through all of my pictures from 2014 last night- getting ready to print!)
  • crossing items off of my daily, to-do list like a boss
  • teaching Juli not to color on the walls
  • reading with Addy more consistently
what I'm eating/drinking:
what I'm wearing:
what blogs I'm reading:
what's in my purse:
  • 2015 planner
  • pencil case
  • current book
  • toddler essentials (i.e. diapers)
  • wallet
what's in my car:
(it's surprisingly clean, so...)
  • my purse
  • jacket
  • a bazillion little, car seats (2)
  • toys (see above)
  • the sound of my favorite podcasts ;)
what I'm watching:
(not much on TV. I've been reading more, but...) these are 5 movies I've watched recently:
what I'm thankful for:
  • good schools for my girls
  • healthier living
  • a warm home
  • healthier looking skin (!)
  • reading
I invite you to share your top 5's on your blog (or wherever you share- Instagram, Facebook, etc.). If you do, let me know! :)

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