Wednesday, February 11, 2015

workspace wednesday

workspace wednesday
I completed my summer 2014 book and my December Daily 2014 book. Now all I need to do is complete my regular, 2014 book. If you're not aware of my memory keeping approach,* you're probably confused. ;) I have a regular 12x12" book for most of the year. Twice a year I complicate my life with smaller, 8 1/2x11" books.

I say complicate because with 12x12" books, traditionally sized pictures can be used, which is a time saver. I have my pictures printed locally (I mostly use 4x6" sized pictures). I love not having to crop anything. The smaller 8 1/2x11" books and page protectors I use require non-traditionally sized pictures. The pockets I use are 3 7/8x5 1/2" pockets. That means when I print 4x6" pictures, I have to trim 1/8" from one side and 1/2" from the other side. That's your scrapbook math/ fraction lesson for the day. You're welcome.

Anyway, I use the smaller books because they're fun and add variety to my memory keeping. I'm saying that it's fun to complicate my life. ;) So. As I was saying, I completed the smaller, more complicated books. You would think the traditional 12x12" book well be a cinch to put together. We'll see. . .

I'm in the middle of recapping our summer in my 12x12" book in a two page/one layout spread. This is the part of the book in which I say "See my 'Summer 2014 book' for more details" like a weirdo- like an a-type, doing-way-too-much-work weirdo. You know I'm gonna recap our December, as well. Why would I deprive myself of the work?? Anyway, see all the post its in the picture? That's every week I'm behind. :/ I'm talking about this too much though- I need to just do it! Ha. Wish me luck.

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*See my memory keeping plan for 2015 here.

That's what's on my workspace today. What's on yours??

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