Wednesday, February 25, 2015

workspace wednesday // things i'm working on*

workspace wednesday // things i'm working on
I'm working on catching up with the rest of my family's 2014 book (yeah I'm still singing this sad song).

I'm working on reading for 15 minutes every day. I'm doing really well with this. I usually read for more than 15 minutes. Rather than browsing mindlessly through social media, I'm opting to read. It's very satisfying.

I'm working on not being on my phone so much. Though this is very true, I need to put the phone down and discuss meaningful things. ;)

I'm working on refining my morning routine. Sometimes I don't feel like doing it. Those are the days I need routine most though- the days when my feet are dragging.

I'm working on new kits for my etsy shop. I will also be giving away 7 of the same kit next month for hitting 7 years of blogging.

I'm working on letting my house be messier than I like it to be. (It's pretty messy. It's just that I'm frazzled about it all the time). We live here, after all. "You mean... you use your toaster? That's why there's crumbs there?? You pig!"

I'm working on eating quality food. I was really hungry yesterday, and eating junk when I realized, "The junk will never satiate my hunger like a quality meal or snack." I, then, ate Greek Yogurt (protein will satiate your hunger!) with pineapples and coconut (healthy fat will also satiate hunger!). It was this recipe. I felt the most satisfied I had felt all day. Cookies are not the way to go.

I'm working on making more time for friends. It's hard to pry me away from my home. "But they need me!" They do, but not all the time.

I'm working on revamping my blog- did you notice I changed my header? See it here.

I'm working on doing the best with what I have.

*This post was inspired by Rachel's.

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