Friday, February 13, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
1. Did you read yesterday's "12 dates" gift idea post?? Need more date ideas? I came across 20 Fun Date Ideas For Couples Without Spending Much by Kim Owens this week.
"In the beginning finding cool things to do on a date and making time was easy. [...] But things have changed. It’s not that you and your significant other care less, but life happens. Grown up things like children, jobs, mortgages. [...] It’s important to stay connected and dates are a wonderful way to do just that. The great thing is that awesome dates don’t have to cost a lot in order to be a lot of fun."
I put my own 12 dates gift together for Jesse (pictured) and am using some of the ideas from that article.

Related: What are your plans for Valentine's Day?? I'm taking a cue from Tracy Benjamin at Shutterbean and  "pairing food with [a] movie." See her post: Valentine’s Day Menus for ideas.

2. Everyday romance is beautiful. I enjoyed reading about Callie Feyen's everyday romance in Once Upon A Time. Here's one of mine: once upon a time, I came home with a big bag of groceries, which included my girls' school snacks for the week. Because my mornings were (are) hectic, I had gotten into the habit of prepping the school snacks as much as possible. I had bought a big box of juices for that week. To make things easier for myself, I would open the box and place it in the fridge with the opening towards the door for easy access. As I was putting the groceries away that day, I noticed that Jesse had already opened the box of juices and placed it in the fridge for easy access as I had done so many times before. It was a simple, sweet gesture.

3. I'm still talking about morning routines and am glad others are, as well: Have the Best Day Ever With This 10-Step Morning Checklist by Sarah Lipoff.
"The comfort of a warm bed and accompanying soft blanket makes waking up almost impossible, and those few lingering moments can make you late, adding stress to an already lackadaisical start. Want to make mornings the best part of your day? A checklist can help!"

4. Related: 15 Habits of Highly Successful People by Kelsey Kennick.
One habit suggestion: "Have a morning routine. Whether it's working out, making breakfast, or doing the crossword, it's good to start your day off with structure." Morning routines ftw!

5. Finally, The Number 1 Reason You're Not Achieving Your Weight-Loss Goal by Sandra Roldan.
"Who hasn't set out to achieve a weight-loss goal- whether it's to drop those last five pounds or look great in a specific little black dress- but not followed through? We hate to break it to you, but there was a problem with your previous approach: Your goal, while admirable, wasn't specific or actionable enough. What you really need are smaller, easier-to-follow targets."

Related: Goal-Setting Part 2: Get Specific // Set Monthly Goals

I hope you have a good one!