Friday, February 6, 2015

five on friday (or 15+ on friday)

five on friday
(These are the desert wildflowers my daughters planted earlier this year).

I couldn't narrow down my list of links this week for Five on Friday. I narrowed it down to five categories though! ;)

1. Paper crafting: Inspired by Kelly Purkey's Memory Keeping Plan for 2015 // her 6x12" album is looking so cool // Trisha Harrison's book is legit, as well

2. Live & Laugh: "Life would be tragic if it weren't funny." Shared by Jelly Wong // 20 Things to Tell Yourself When You Are Facing Adversities by Jan Shultis // 7 Scientific Reasons Why We Should Laugh More by Elizabeth Andall // 10 Things Happy People Are Doing Differently by Noam Lightstone // Jimmy Fallon went to Bayside High with "Saved by the Bell"

3. Seasonal: Tips For Taking Photos In Cold Weather by Janae Hardy // 10 Surprising Benefits of Colder Winters by Brittany Lyte // 12 Weekend Activities to Try by A Beautiful Mess // 50 Cheap or Free Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day by Erin Cullum

4. Successful living: 4 Morning Rituals That’ll Super Charge Your Health by Adam Siddiq // 7 Monday Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People by Rada Francis // 10 Things All Highly Successful People Do by Corey Schwartz

5. Blogging: So you wanna be a blogger? I have some tips for you by Cathy Zielske // Bloggers: To Niche or Not To Niche? by Margaux Daughtry // The Best Time To Post on Each Social Media Platform by Bridget Baker // Twitter Challenge: 7 ways to grow your audience by Sarah Morgan

Hope you have a good one!