Tuesday, January 20, 2015

kids' assignment lists / chore charts

I made a goal this month to make "assignment lists" for everyone in my family to help us be more orderly. I was trying to think of what assignment lists would look for a while. I thought and thought about it when I realized that like my morning routine (I also recently established an afternoon/evening routine, as well), I could establish morning and after school routines for my kids.

I thought about what things are expected for my kids to do in the morning and after school, and made a list: brush their teeth, get dressed, tidy up their room, do their homework, do their chores, etc. To make the list, I made a few drafts before I compiled the final copy. I also found some clipart images to make the list more kid-friendly and fun, but also because Addy is still learning to read. She needs a visual. They all liked the look of them, so that felt like a good start. Evie said the little girl with the braids was her "favorite" because "she's so cute."
kids' assignment lists / chore charts
I printed the lists and put them in page protectors. They use dry erase makers to cross off their completed tasks. Then in the evenings I erase it all, and they start over the next morning.
kids' assignment lists / chore charts
The lists have been well received by my girls. My oldest has an type A personality (like I do), so she enjoys crossing things of of her list just 'cause it feels like a huge accomplishment to cross it off (that's exactly how I feel about it). My other girls aren't as worried about crossing them off, but they do refer to them if they get distracted. I'm most happy about that. It's exhausting playing drill sergeant. ;)

After making their new assignment lists, I decided to revamp their chore chart. The chore charts for my kids have evolved over the years as they get older and as we become aware of what works better for our family. Sometimes I feel weird that I have chore charts and sometimes I feel like a genius. There isn't a right way or a perfect way to do this. This is our way. Lani, Evie, and Addy (11, 8, and 5) rotate various tasks around the house. I obviously expect more from my older kids than my younger kids. I include Addy mostly because I know she would feel excluded if I didn't, but also because I think it is important for her to learn to help around the house at this age. I help her with her chores every day. For example, when it's her turn to do the kitchen counters, I tell her where things go and ask her to put them away if they're within her reach. It works well for us this way.

I'm sure our assignment lists and chore chart will evolve with time, but for now they are working out very well for us.

Do you have kids? How do you help keep them organized and have them help around the house?