Thursday, January 15, 2015

greek yogurt 52 ways: #1 strawberry shortcake

I wrapped up my 52 sandwiches project last week (see here). Woop woop. Though I didn't always, I did often include vegetables in my sandwiches. Eating more vegetables was part of the point of that project for me. It was a fun project with the added bonus of eating healthier. This month I made the goal to eat healthy desserts. Actually, eating healthier desserts is one of my resolutions for this year. I made this resolution because I love dessert, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle with another resolution/goal I've made this year, which is to lose weight. Rather than saying I'm going to give up on dessert (it's impossible. ha), I'm going to give myself healthy dessert options. Now that I've completed my 52 sandwiches project, my new project is "Greek Yogurt 52 Ways." I'm excited about it! :)

About a year ago, Emma from A Beautiful Mess posted Greek Yogurt: 4 Ways. She shared recipes for banana bread Greek yogurt, chocolate pudding Greek yogurt, cookie dough Greek yogurt, and lemon meringue Greek yogurt. Emma suggested having them for breakfast or as light desserts. (!) I made all of the recipes she shared that same week. I first shared my thoughts here. In short, I am a huge fan. So, that post from Emma inspired this project. I plan to complete this project this year or shortly thereafter. Expect 1 new recipe a week.

This week I made strawberry shortcake Greek yogurt:
greek yogurt 52 ways: no. 1 strawberry shortcake
I came across the recipe on Pinterest, which happily didn't have a broken link (don't you hate it when you come across a broken link on Pinterest??). The link to the recipe is right here. I slightly modified the recipe.
greek yogurt 52 ways: no. 1 strawberry shortcake
For this Greek yogurt dessert, combine 1/2 cup of vanilla, Greek yogurt; chopped strawberries (3 or 4 depending on how big they are and how much you like strawberries); and crushed Graham crackers (I used 3 squares).
greek yogurt 52 ways: no. 1 strawberry shortcake
This is a creamy, decadent, and most importantly, satisfying dessert.
greek yogurt 52 ways: no. 1 strawberry shortcake
If you try a recipe I share, be sure to let me know! Use the hashtag: #greekyogurt52ways.

Have any Greek yogurt recipes you'd like to tell me about? Leave your recipes or links in the comments! :)

**Read about the health benefits of Greek yogurt right here. See all of the ways I've incorporated Greek yogurt into my dessert or breakfast so far here. I recently completed a 52 sandwiches project. Read more about that project here.**