Monday, January 5, 2015

goal-setting part 2: get specific // set monthly goals

goal-setting part 2: get specific // set monthly goals
I am discussing how I go about setting goals and accomplishing them. I'm not the best at this, but I've learned a few things over the years that I'd like to share. Last week I discussed part 1 of goal-setting: overarching goals, projects, resolutions. In that post, I discussed how I make overarching, broad goals at the beginning of the year because it helps to have a starting point. "What do I want to accomplish this year?" (It's important to note that sometimes "big idea" projects don't come until later in the year and that's okay, too).

I've made some broad goals for this year. I want to be healthier (eat better and move more), be more organized, establish daily routines, spend quality time with my family, make time for myself- to name a few of my goals. It's good to set overarching goals, but the "big idea goals" are too broad. It's important to get specific and set monthly goals (quarterly/seasonal goals work, as well).

I begin by taking a close look at each of my goals for the year like "Be healthier (eat better and move more)." Then I ask myself how I will work towards my goals this month. One of my goals for January is to "Eat healthy desserts," which is my way of working towards my "eat better" goal for the year. Another goal is to "Do interval training a few times," which is me working towards moving more. Another yearly goal I have is to "Be more organized." Again, I ask myself how I will work towards that goal this month. I decided that this month I would "Make assignment lists for everyone" in my family. In short, the yearly goals are the guide for my monthly goals. The monthly goals are what I'm motivated to do right now.

When you make your monthly (or quarterly) goals, consider sharing them publicly- tell a few friends, a few co-workers, your spouse, blog about it, etc. The pressure accountability is motivating. ;)

Next time: Goal-Setting Part 3: Weekly // Daily Goals 

Here's to a productive Monday! :D