Saturday, January 24, 2015

five on friday, er, saturday

five on friday
Hey there! Friday got away from me, but here are some links I've come across this week that I'd like to share:

1. I've made a goal to read a physical book at least 15 minutes every day this year. I appreciated this article: The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits.  One of his tips is to "Enjoy the reading. Don’t look at reading books like a chore that you have to rush through to get to more urgent things. If you do, you’ll stop reading. Instead, look at the reading sessions as a treat, a spa break in the rush of your day." Reading is stress relieving.

2. Stephanie Howell recently linked to Creating the Ultimate List: 100 Books to Read Before You Die by Joel Patrick for Medium. He compiled "the greatest list ever created" by culling several lists of books from reputable sources.

3. Emma from A Beautiful Mess recently made a Funfetti Buttermilk Birthday Cake. She decorated it with Trix cereal. How colorful and cute! We're constantly celebrating birthdays around here. I want to make this cake for a birthday party this year

4. Zie Campbell shared 4 Steps to Fighting Stress. She lists day dream journaling, silence, tea time, and planner updating as part of her system to fight stress. I was nodding throughout the article.

5. I enjoy Rachel Del Grosso's Project Life videos. She shared Project life 2014 | Volume Two- Video Overview this week on her blog Big City Quiet. See other videos she has shared here.

Hope you have a good one!