Wednesday, December 17, 2014

workspace wednesday: summer book update

workspace wednesday
(Again, sorry for the bad pictures. The lighting hasn't been good in this rainy weather).
Remember last week I said that one side of my dinner table was covered in December Daily supplies and the other side was covered in summer project life supplies? Well, this past weekend my sister and I hosted a birthday party for our soon to be sister in law at my house. (I'll be sharing pictures soon). I finally had to clean up my table. (The horror! The horror!) I didn't want to put away my stuff because I was still working on it. I had pulled embellishments, paper, stamps, etc. from my "serious storage" for each project and restoring them wouldn't make sense. I needed them grouped together in a transportable, messy, but organized fashion. Does that make sense?? I remembered I had these 12x12" plastic drawers from a bin I used to use to house my paper. I had those drawers set aside no longer in use when I realized I could use them for my "messy, but organized/transportable" storage. I used 2 for December Daily and 1 for my summer project life book. I put them in my bedroom for the duration of the party, so our guests would be horrified by the true state of my messiness. I pulled them back out yesterday and now my table is getting to its original state of being. Anyway, I thought I'd share that tip just in case you need to hide the true state of your craft mess for company, too. ;)
workspace wednesdayworkspace wednesday
Yesterday, I worked all morning on my December Daily book (so I could share week #2 with you yesterday- deadlines help me get things done!). I was able to utilize those drawers to put my Dec. Daily supplies away, and now I'm working on my summer project life book. I finally cropped all my pictures. I have all of the journaling spots ready to go. All that's left is to actually journal, date, and embellish. If I got serious about it, maybe I could be done by next week! (Sometimes I get overly ambitious. Don't mind me. ;)
workspace wednesday
Well, enough rambling. Back to work!

Happy mess-making! (and plastic bin storing for company! ;)

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