Monday, December 1, 2014

november recap

Every month at the end of the previous month/beginning of the new month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See all of this year's monthly recaps here.

I was oddly productive this month. I got an itch to organize and spring clean in the fall. Who understands it? I don't pretend to- I just go with it. ;) I completed 2 1/2 of the 4 weeks in the "4 Weeks to a More Organized Home" challenge. One of the things this challenge has taught me is how to have more productive mornings. I discussed Establishing a Morning Routine here.
establishing a morning routine
I was in super organizing mode- so much so that I discussed 10 Steps to Overhauling Your Space (specifically, your craft space). That 4 week challenge has truly motivated me and spilled over to other areas of my house.

The "4 Weeks to a More Organized Home" challenge was part of my goals for last month:
november goals
My other goals in November included:
Get up early on the weekends
All, but yesterday (it was our last day of Thanksgiving break! ;) I prefer to get up early on the weekends. I'm much more productive when I do.
★Complete the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge
I will complete the rest soon. Yay yay.
★Go hiking
I didn't! I want to.
Try a new class at the gym
I did! A physical training class. I was s.o.r.e! Like really, really, really sore. Like so sore that on day whatever for 30 Days of Thankful I was thankful for modern medicine. #nojoke

This month I also discussed my weight loss goals:
my weight loss toolbox/"all the right junk in all the right places"
my weight loss toolbox:                          planning for the holidays
and here

This month I mentioned I would be bringing back Muffin Tin Monday meals to my blog. I also shared the idea of sandwiches in a muffin tin for kids here. See also Addy's Eats here (eats for my toddler, well, now preschooler).
november recap
Speaking of sandwiches, I compiled a list of 6 Sandwiches to Make with Leftover Turkey. Do you still have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving??
This month I also added 2 sandwiches to my 52 sandwiches project. (If you're new here, you're probably thinking, "What's with all the sandwiches?" I like sandwiches. ;)

One was sandwich #49: turkey sausage and gravy biscuit.

The other was sandwich #50: tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons-
52 sandwiches no. 50: tomato soup with "croutons"
(I really liked the tomato soup. Read more about it here). Only 2 sandwiches left for this project!

As far as paper projects (my favorite), I completed my 30 Days of Thankful project:
november recap
Read more about it here.

I also began prepping for my December Daily project:
november recap
Read more about it here.

November was a good, full month. I'm ready for December now. :) Tomorrow I'll be sharing my goals for December. See you then!