Thursday, December 11, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: "i want is better than i owe"

my weight loss toolbox: "i want is better than i owe"
(photo credit: my sister Jasmine Bustillos)

I've been listening to Andy Stanley's Your Move podcast every morning. Because I just stumbled upon it, there's plenty to listen to. He discusses a particular topic a few times before he moves onto the next one. A few weeks ago, I decided to listen to the series "Breathing Room" because I could definitely use some breathing room. Ha. (If you'd rather watch, there are videos, as well). In part 3 "Dollars and Sense" he talks about finances and the tension involved with that. In short, we don't have breathing room if we've made a mess of our finances by making poor financial decisions and accumulating debt. In a climactic moment, he said, "I want is better than I owe." Ye-e-e-e-ah. My finances are not the worst, but they're not the best either.

Anyway, I thought about this perspective in relationship to, well, my waist. ;) Seriously, I thought about it in relationship to my being overweight. All of that overeating? I owe that now. I'm in debt to my body. Luckily, my body is a kind investor ('til it's not, right?). Our bodies are amazing in that they're forgiving. I'm amazed when I hear the stories about a person that was diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure, and with just moderating their diet and exercising, they're able to reverse the diagnosis.

I had an overly indulgent beginning of the week. Last night after my third slice of pizza (don't judge), I was feeling really bad about it. I've been tracking my eating and didn't want to have to track my mess, but I did and I'm currently in negative points (if your speak the Weight Watchers lingo). In other words, I've used more calories this week than I was supposed to if I want to lose weight. This morning, though, I thought "I can exercise, get some activity points [expend some calories] and pay what I owe.

I tend to want, want, want, and eat, eat, eat. When, honestly? The want will pass! Not that I know from first hand experience or anything! ;) One of these days I'm gonna get it right. I'm gonna keep trying. I'm going to be able to be generous to my body, to not "owe" it . . . because "I want is better than I owe."

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