Tuesday, December 23, 2014

currently in december

currently in december
enjoying Jesse's time off from work and the girls' winter break
hoping for a quiet evening of just sitting with my family
buying last minute stocking stuffers
gift wrapping (it's crunch time)
thinking I should be more prepared next year
wanting to be less busy
dreaming of a white Christmas ;)
feeling nostalgic
reading this
planning for the new year- using this
searching for an inexpensive slouchy, dark chocolate, leather tote bag (know where I can get one?)
wearing pretty much the same thing over and over (hey! it's what highly successful people do) (good excuse, huh?)
watching as many family-friendly Christmas movies as possible
needing to take a nap
trying to slow down and be present 
drinking café (coffee)
overeating (should take this advice: 6 Ways to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays)
exercising often and using my new active link to monitor my activity
learning to communicate better 
creating stuff (that's what this blog is about, after all ;)

Have a good one!

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