Monday, December 29, 2014

15 favorites before 2015

Kellie from Give a Girl a Blog recently invited her readers to participate in "15 for 2015" 15 favorites before 2015: 5 favorite blog posts (Kellie's here), 5 favorite craft/pages (see Kellie's here), and 5 favorite photos (see Kellie's here). Though I was going to do a yearly recap, this seemed like more fun. :)

These are my 5 favorite blog posts in 2014:
our vacation // the saguaro palm springs
1. Our Vacation // The Saguaro Palm Springs
I had been wanting to go to The Saguaro Palm Springs after having seen beautiful pictures of it over the years. (I linked to various blogs in that post with pictures of The Saguaro. You gotta go check those out). The Saguaro did not disappoint. It was beautiful, and I loved spending time with my family there.
book exchange party
2. My sister Jennifer's Book Exchange Party
My sister Jasmine and I enjoyed putting this party together for our sister Jennifer. As I said in that post "I love to read and love to push my agenda on others. ;)"
renegade LA
3. Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles
I never want to miss another Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles. It is inspiring to see so many handmade vendors in one place.
workspace wednesday
4. 10 Steps to Overhauling Your (Craft) Space
I thought this post was helpful if you're a hoarder of craft products like I am. ;)
10 weight loss tips
5. My Weight Loss Toolbox: 10 Weight Loss Tips
This post was helpful to me mostly- to remind myself of what needs to be done to achieve my weight loss goals. Hopefully, the post helped a few others, as well.

These are 5 favorite crafts from 2014:
workspace wednesday
1. Repurposed Jars for Tiny Embellishments
I liked sharing the idea of using those tiny, minced, garlic jars as storage for craft embellishments. They're not only functional, they're also cute; don't you think?
5 years of blogging giveaway (now closed)
2. 5 Years of Blogging giveaway
I put 5 craft kits together for 5 years of blogging (I was confused. It was actually 6!) Anyway, I liked those kits and enjoy putting themed kits together, in general.
customize store-bought rubber stamps (tutorial)
3. Customize Store-Bought Rubber Stamps Tutorial // DIY
I learned about customizing rubber stamps a few years ago, and was happy customize a few of my stamps. I was also happy to pass along the tip!
ice cream whimsy jar
4. Ice Cream Whimsy Jar
I was serious about how I enjoy putting themed kits together- whimsy jars are my favorite kits to put together. This ice cream whimsy jar was fun.
whimsy jar swap- details on my blog
5. Whimsy Jar Swap
The jar above is the one I put together for my whimsy jar swap. It's also the one I'm giving away for my 32 favorites giveaway (see here).

These are a few favorite photos from 2014:
This is a picture I took, then changed using the Waterlogue app. I didn't use that app nearly enough. It's so cool. I originally shared this picture here.
summer break week no. 7
I took this picture one, summer night. I originally shared this picture here.
I have a thing for blurry pictures. I originally shared this picture here.
five on friday
I mean. I really do. I originally shared this picture here.

That's it for me. There's still time to play along! Check out Kellie's blog here for more details.