Wednesday, November 19, 2014

workspace wednesday: 10 steps to overhauling your space

workspace wednesday
(As I was sorting through painful amounts of paper, I began to gather supplies for my December Daily. #ohgoodjob).
workspace wednesday
A few weeks ago (in October) I discussed creating vs spending. In October I made a goal to really go through my craft supplies and sort through everything. My goal was to purge my supplies and clear my space (and mind!). I find that messy spaces hinder my creativity. Maybe you feel the same way. If you do, I've put together a list of how to tackle your space, which is how I tackled my space this last time.

1. Set a realistic goal for completing this project
I intended to complete this project within the month. Though I had to extend my deadline, it gave me a good, initial starting point. A deadline motivates me to push myself and not put off an activity.

2. Label 2 large boxes: "sell" and "giveaway"
As you sort through your things, you'll want to consider those items which are worth selling (on eBay, a yard sale, a craft fair, etc.) and those items which you can giveaway. You may know a few people who are just starting to build their supplies and would appreciate your excess given to them.

3. Pace yourself
You've already made your deadline, now decide how much time you'll be investing in this task daily or weekly. Maybe you'll work every weekend for a couple of hours. Maybe you'll take 15 minutes every day to work on your space. For example, I have a bookshelf with 12"x12" cubes; I decided I would completely sort through one cube every weekday until I completed the task. Find what works for you and doesn't overwhelm you.

4. Prepare to do what you don't want to do
There are some tasks that will be daunting. For me it was my paper. There was so much of it (too much of it). If possible spilt that task up into more manageable pieces. Instead of tackling my paper all at once, I worked in one section (by color because that's how I had it organized) every day. It wasn't so overwhelming that way.

5. Purge
Get rid of that which you wouldn't buy again, that which you know you won't use, and that which doesn't inspire you anymore. Be ruthless.

6. Put like things together in attractive storage boxes/bins/etc. and label them if possible
I have these inexpensive boxes I like from Ikea. I hadn't labeled all of them. I made it a point to label all the boxes this time around. It's amazing to know right away what's in any given box.

7. Dust/clean dirty supplies
Things that haven't been used in a while collect dust. Things that are used often- glue bottles, scissors, binders- get dirty. Clean them and marvel at how clean your space is starting to look.

8. Giveaway what you've set aside and sell what you've set aside
It'll still clutter your space if it sits there for weeks/months at at a time and you don't get rid of it. Don't wait- get rid of it.

9. Reflect on your excess and how to avoid accumulating
Have your ever bought something extra because you didn't realize you already had it or something very similar? Yeah. Me, too. I'm trying not to impulse buy and create with what I have.

10. Reward yourself
This was no easy feat. Reward yourself for a job well done. I recommend a quiet afternoon of crafting with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

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