Monday, November 3, 2014

november goals

november goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan) (journal from Wit & Whistle) (thank you!)

★Get up early on the weekends
It's what highly successful people do and waking up early on the weekends (like on the weekdays) is linked to less body fat (see here).
★Complete the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge
★Go hiking
★Try a new class at the gym

If you're new here, these are my . . .
Ongoing projects/goals from previous months

from October
Clean every nook and cranny of my workspace
Take evening walks with each of my daughters
Try a new hot beverage

from September
Begin and complete an activity challenge
Cook/bake with pumpkin
Make time for myself
★Complete my summer Project Life book
(Working on this)

from August:

Continue to incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls until they start school
★Do a 30 day green smoothie challenge
(Working on this).
★Go thrifting
(Still wanna go).
★Read a book
Plan a surprise birthday party for my dad 

from July:
Continue to incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls
★Also, document our activities
(Working on this).
★Track my meals/snacks every day this month
(Working on this).
★Put makeup on in the morning
(Working on this)

from June:
Incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls
Document our activities
Go night swimming

from May:
★Do 30 bags in 30 days
(Gonna do this soon).
★Eat vegetables or fruit with every meal or snack
(Working on this).
★Stop midweek spending
(Working on this).

from April:
"Do the "100 Happy Days" challenge
★Embrace the present moment and be flexible
(Working on this).
★Read daily to Addy and Juli
(Working on this).
★Completely catch up with Project Life
(I said- working on this. ;)

from March:

from February:
Complete a 4 week activity challenge
(My overall goal is to be regularly active).
★Start my family cookbook project
(Working on this).
★Go on a date with Jesse
(This is an ongoing goal).

from January:
Revamp my workout routine
★Dress my vegetables differently in attempts to eat more of them
(Working on this).
Begin phase 1 of decorating our home
(Decorating our home is an ongoing goal).

Read more about my goals for 2014 here.

What are your goals this month?