Friday, November 21, 2014

five on friday

five on friday five on friday five on friday
1. "There are times when 'don’t beat yourself up' is terrible advice" by the hysterical Karen Sommerfeld for Purple Clover. “Not beating yourself up is supposed to be a way to build self-esteem, but you know what builds self-esteem? Doing estimable acts." I've been following Karen, who I know better by her pen name June Gardens, on her blog Bye Bye, Pie for years.

2. Nikki Mans from Whimsy Love shared a Balloon Advent Calendar this week. It's so cute. Nikki has the best ideas for crafting with kids on her blog.

3. What Are Your Pet Peeves? by Joanna Goddard with illustrator Emily McDowell for A Cup of Jo. Loud crunching (or any loud eating noises); obnoxious poking; unpleasant odors that are supposed to be pleasant (too much cologne, strongly scented candles, etc); loud, public disciplining; over sharing- to name a few.

4. I bought these digital stamps from Elise Blaha Cripe at Enjoy It. I bought them before I knew all that you do with them. See her video tutorial here. So cool.

5. I'm making these roasted potato breakfast nachos for dinner tonight (breakfast for dinner is popular at my house). Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean shared this recipe, which is from Joy the Baker's latest book Homemade Decadence. [Edited to add: Made the nachos! They were the bomb dot com. My sister Jasmine posted a picture on Instagram.]

Hope you have a good one!