Friday, November 7, 2014

five on friday

30 days of thankful
(Are you participating in 30 Days of Thankful? I am. I'm behind already though. Above is my blank canvas from last year. See more details of it here).

Every Friday I share 5 links (at least) that have inspired me. These are this week's:

1. I listened to The Comparison Trap series by Andy Stanley a few weeks ago. It was eye-opening and helpful. One of the remedies for comparing yourself to others is to compliment them/celebrate in their successes especially when you notice you're getting jealous, feeling envious, comparing yourself, etc. (Jealousy is an enemy of the heart as Andy Stanley discussed in this book). I came across the article 10 Things That Will Happen When You Enjoy the Success of Others by Steve Kux for LifeHack this week. "Negativity breeds more negativity and positivity breeds positivity."

2. Related: 66 Things to Be Grateful For, Big and Small by Sierra Horton for Popsugar. Yes to #50: "Kind people in general."

3. Unrelated: Thumbs up to this organized baby car kit. I have 4 young kids. I should have put something like this together yesterday. Chelsea from Two Twenty One shared this genius idea as a guest blogger on I Heart Organizing.

4. This week I shared my favorite, inexpensive makeup products. AnnaRose Kern for A Beautiful Mess shared her Top 10 Drugstore Beauty Products. I'm going to try some of her recommendations soon.

5. Yesterday I shared sandwich #49 from my 52 sandwiches project: turkey sausage and gravy biscuit. I didn't bake the biscuits myself, but I think I'd like to try baking Joy the Baker's cheddar, chive, and jalapeƱo biscuits for my next sandwich. Yum.

What inspiring links have you come across lately?