Sunday, November 30, 2014

five on friday // 30 days of thankful

er . . . Five on Sunday.

I finished up my 30 Days of Thankful journaling exercise earlier today. I figured I'd share some of the layouts today and the 5 links I didn't get around to sharing on Friday (because I was in a food coma. ;)
30 days of thankful
30 days of thankful workspace wednesday: 30 days of thankful
As I shared the other day, I first learned about this project from Cathy Zielske, who makes a mini album every year. I made a 3 page 12x12" spread without pictures. It's a writing exercise mostly. I really enjoy this exercise for this time of year.
Read more about this year's 30 Days of Thankful project here. Read last year's project here.

On to the 5 links for this week! :)

1. Last week I discussed Establishing a Morning Routine. I came across 2 articles about this topic: Kevin Mercadante shared 15 Routines Successful People Do Every Single Morning for the site Personal Income and

2. Jenna Goudreau's article 12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast for Business Insider.

3. Last week in the same post about morning routines, I mentioned that I'm working on a "4 Weeks to a More Organized Home" challenge.This article will come in handy in that endeavor: 12 Easy Changes to Make for an Easier, More Productive Household by Annie Mueller for Lifehack.

4. Love this article: 25 Life Lessons Written by a 99-Year-Old Man by Macy Williams for Popsugar. Great takeaway: "Always maintain a good sense of humor."

5. And finally, appropriate for this week: How to Bounce Back After a Food Binge by Maria Hart for Greatist.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!