Tuesday, November 25, 2014

6 sandwiches you can make with your leftover turkey

Chances are you're going to have a lotta turkey (that's a technical term) come Friday. I, for one, really like turkey in my sandwiches and am happy for the surplus of turkey coming my way. Turkey is actually my favorite lunch meat. Anyhow, from the 50 sandwiches I've made so far for my 52 sandwiches project, I've put this collection of sandwiches together- perfect for all that turkey.

This turkey salad/cheddar cheese sandwich is on the top of my list. I get the turkey salad from my local grocery store, but the ingredients are listed (and I've listed them on the picture). I imagine it is simple to make. This sandwich is all about that cheese and jalapeno roll though. YUM. I linked to the post where you'll find the recipe below the picture. (You'll find the recipe to all the sandwiches I've listed today below the picture).
sandwich #28: turkey salad | cheese & jalapeño sub
turkey salad | cheese & jalapeño sub

The sandwich that follows is the one that was made for my birthday last year. Spinach artichoke spread on Tuscan bread with my favorite lunch meat? Yeah, that's a winner.
sandwich #17: turkey, spinach artichoke
turkey & spinach artichoke

What makes the next sandwich is that apricot/mustard spread. It's, like, so good. Maybe this one should be on the top of my list. Hold on. I'm going to go see if I have apricot jelly in my fridge.
52 sandwiches #6: apricot turkey & cheese sandwich apricot, turkey, & cheese

The sandwich that follows has pesto, mozzarella cheese, and grape tomatoes. You have to really smash those grape tomatoes, so your sandwich is constructed correctly. I discussed sandwich construction here. I say yes to this sandwich and so should you.
sandwich #10: tomato & mozzarella
tomato & mozzarella

The following 2 sandwiches call for deli chicken, but you can easily use turkey instead.
52 sandwiches #32: chicken + cheddar flatbread
chicken & cheddar flatbread52 sandwiches #31: chicken panini
smoked chicken panini

If you make one of these sandwiches (or any of my sandwiches), would you tell me? Share your thoughts with me; would you? :)

** I am attempting to make 52 sandwiches. Read more about how this project got started here. See all the sandwiches I've made so far here.**