Wednesday, October 22, 2014

workspace wednesday

workspace wednesday
I'm working on cleaning every nook and cranny of my workspace. This is an unstyled picture of what my space currently looks like. (Can you tell that Juli has been helping? Putting all of the punches on the floor was her idea). I had been putting this off because I haven't wanted to deal with the clutter. I get stuck with the things I don't really want. "Should I keep this? Would I buy this right now? Hmmm. Maybe not. Should I give this away? Should I sell it?? If I sell it, should I sell it online? Should I have a yard sale? There won't be shipping costs if I have a yard sale..." Those are some of my crippling, rambling thoughts as I sort through everything. Because I made it a goal for this month, I'm chipping away at my clutter as best I can.
workspace wednesday
I'm also still thinking about my summer book. I can't say I've been working on my book because I haven't. Womp. Womp. It's one of my creative priorities though, so that must count for something. No?

Have you been productive? What are you working on?

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