Wednesday, October 29, 2014

workspace wednesday: my craft space update

One of my goals for October is to "Clean every nook and cranny of my workspace." I had been putting it off because it seemed overwhelming. I knew I would have to deal with things I no longer wanted, and I didn't know what to do with them. I typically give things away, but then I feel bad for having wasted money. The thing is I already wasted the money when I bought whatever I'm not using. Hanging onto it for guilt reasons is not going to bring the money back. There's a hard lesson to be learned: don't buy impulsively.
workspace wednesday
I have sorted through every box stored beneath my "desk." (It's 2 of the 4x2 Expedit bookcases side by side, along the backside of my couch. It's like a long sofa table. Here are a few pictures of what the entire space looks like in my house). Anyhow, I've looked through all of the storage boxes and am selling (in a yard sale) or giving away a significant portion. All I have left to do is sort through scrap paper (bleh) and reorganize that which is on my desk ("the sofa table"). That'll be easy because it's all of my supplies (rubber stamps) and embellishments. (Jesse got a hold of one of my alphabet runner stamp sets. See?)
workspace wednesday workspace wednesday
I also have plans to paint that red crate. See it? I'm almost done! :) Hopefully I can share my completed space next week.

What are you working on??

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