Wednesday, October 1, 2014

october goals

october goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan) (thank you!)

★Clean every nook and cranny of my workspace
For real. I tend to say this and not do it. What good are goals if I have no follow through?? Also, last Friday I shared 5 links for "Five on Friday" about staying inspired. Refreshing your workspace was one of the suggestions.

★Take evening walks with each of my daughters
I want to do this to maintain an active lifestyle, but also because I think it'll be a great opportunity for my daughters to have my individual attention for a chunk of time. We spend plenty of time together as a family. I think it's important, too, to spend one on one time together though.

★Try a new hot beverage
per Sarah's advice "A Change is as Good as a Break. . ." which I originally blogged about here.

What are your goals this month? Seriously! I wanna know! :)

If you're new here, these are my . . .
Ongoing projects/goals from previous months

from September
Begin and complete an activity challenge
Cook/bake with pumpkin
Make time for myself
★Complete my summer Project Life book
(Working on this)

from August:

Continue to incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls until they start school
★Do a 30 day green smoothie challenge
(Working on this).
★Go thrifting
(Still wanna go).
★Read a book
Plan a surprise birthday party for my dad 

from July:
Continue to incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls
★Also, document our activities
(Working on this).
★Track my meals/snacks every day this month
(Working on this).
★Put makeup on in the morning
(Working on this)

from June:
Incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls
Document our activities
Go night swimming

from May:
★Do 30 bags in 30 days
(Gonna do this soon).
★Eat vegetables or fruit with every meal or snack
(Working on this).
★Stop midweek spending
(Working on this).

from April:
"Do the "100 Happy Days" challenge
★Embrace the present moment and be flexible
(Working on this).
★Read daily to Addy and Juli
(Working on this).
★Completely catch up with Project Life
(I said- working on this. ;)

from March:

from February:
Complete a 4 week activity challenge
(My overall goal is to be regularly active).
★Start my family cookbook project
(Working on this).
★Go on a date with Jesse
(This is an ongoing goal).

from January:
Revamp my workout routine
★Dress my vegetables differently in attempts to eat more of them
(Working on this).
Begin phase 1 of decorating our home
(Decorating our home is an ongoing goal).

Read more about my goals for 2014 here.