Friday, October 24, 2014

five on friday

five on friday
1. I've always liked calendars, notebooks, various organizing systems. I don't understand those who don't! ;) I'm beyond excited about Sugar Paper LA's line at Target launching this Monday. *thud* I just fainted- they're all so cute.

2. Not that I need to be sold on scrapbooking, but I appreciated Elsie's post on A Beautiful Mess: 10 Reasons to Give Scrapbooking a Chance. With so many options/looks to scrapbooking, I think this is a good takeaway: "Be encouraged that no matter what your style is, you can make a book that feels like you!"

3. A caramel apple bar sounds fun and looks yummy. What a great idea from Julie at Julie Ann Art.

4. I reeeeeally enjoy trash to treasure posts. Orlando from Hommemaker refurbished a thrifted bookcase then created an entire vignette in his home using "garbage" pieces as he says in From Garbage to Glamorous: Making Dreams Come True for One Special Bookcase. He is an an amusing storyteller. Even his Instagram captions are funny.

5. I'd like to see Jillian Astasia's booth in person. It looks EXACTLY like a booth I'd be drawn to immediately at a craft fair. Have you thought about the Renegade Fair in LA, Jillian?? ;) There's one coming up in December!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!