Wednesday, October 15, 2014

currently in october

Jasmine's scarf collection / organization idea
My sister Jasmine has a pretty scarf collection. She uses a tension rod in her closet to display them. Mine are "currently" shoved in a drawer. I'm gonna do what she does instead! Pretty and practical.

scheduling coffee dates with my friend Denise (yes to pumpkin spice lattes)
listening to podcasts every day (Andy Stanley's Your Move is my favorite)
eating tuna salad sandwiches (the one I shared the other day- Greek yogurt instead of mayo? Game changer)
rocking a fidgety Juli :)
wrestling her to take a nap and go to bed (she usually wins)
reading Junie B. Jones books to Addy in the morning before she goes to school (the best)
needing to go jean shopping (I love denim!)
wearing flip flops (East coast, don't hate me)
wanting to go to the library (I love it there)
needing to lose this baby weight already (geez)
planning a trip to an orchard this weekend (apple pastries- yum/ no guessing why I can't lose the baby weight)
hoping to go on a fall date soon (you hear that, Jesse? ;)
laughing every day- Evie won't redo her happy dance. C'mon! It was so funny.
watching Lani walk into school at drop off nostalgically (is she really in middle school?)
missing fall before it's over (it's a thing)
realizing Christmas will be here before we know it
making my summer book (still! I know, it's almost December Daily time!)
attempting to clean my scrap crap (I'm in a what-do-I-do-with-all-this-stuff?! funk)
watching Silver Linings Playbook on repeat (So good)
dreaming of cozy evenings with my family


What are you currently up to?

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