Monday, October 27, 2014

baby whimsy jar

baby whimsy jar
Baby whimsy jars are one of my favorite kinds of whimsy jars to put together. If you're new here, you're probably thinking, "What is a whimsy jar?" I'll tell you! A whimsy jar is . . . wait for it . . . a jar full of whimsy. ;) To make a whimsy jar you take a new or recycled jar and cute things to fill it up. That's it! Well, you could also decorate the jar if you'd like. A coordinating color painted lid is good enough for me!  Because I'm a paper crafter, I typically fill my jars with paper crafting embellishments. Whimsy jars make adorable gifts, and can be personalized to your recipients likes and preferences though. For example, my daughters and I made kids' whimsy jars for a swap once. We filled the jars with kid appropriate things like flavored lip gloss, candy, a treasure catcher necklace, nail polish, etc. Check out those jars here. What I'm saying is though I'm a paper crafter, whimsy jars don't have to be limited to paper crafting embellishments. (Look at this guest room cart. How cute to put toiletries in a jar for guests!)

Tangent, much?

We were talking about baby whimsy jars (at least I was). I put this baby whimsy jar together for my cousin Marta. When her baby is napping, she can be scrapping. ;) (Who has been here long enough to remember that my blog's name used to be "Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!?" lol. I don't talk about just paper crafting anymore. That's why I changed it).

I put this jar together Marta. I tried to include some of her favorite things: baby girl schemes, butterflies, purples, turquoise, yellows.
baby whimsy jar
See the jar Marta put together for me here.
See more whimsy jars I've received or put together here. :)

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