Wednesday, September 17, 2014

workspace wednesday: my summer, project life book

summer project life
I'm redoing my summer project life book. (Eye roll). I had started printing pictures, designing spreads, etc. when I realized I didn't like how my book was coming together. I realized after walking away from it for a few days that I didn't like the pocket page protectors I was using. I didn't like that design.

Here's way more information than your probably want to know about this. ;) I was using that pocket design because of the mixed 4x6 format. My intention was not to get too fussy with my pictures, have them printed locally, put them in pockets, add some journaling and a few embellishments to each spread, and move on. I especially didn't want the picture printing to get overly complicated like last year. I was using various 8.5x11" pocket page protectors with unusual printing sizes (see here). I print my pictures locally and not on my printer, so I want my pictures to adhere to the traditional 4x6" picture size as often as possible. (Even if I had a high quality photo printer at home, all that cropping seems time consuming). The point is that I thought I would like this 4x6 mixed format pocket page protector packbut I don't.

I like my summer book from last year (see here) with the various layouts, but I don't have time for that like I did last year. (Ain't nobody got time for that). Juli keeps me extra busy because she's still itty bitty sized. (Jesse says she comes from the snack size menu. ;) I looked at my other 8.5x11" book- my December Daily book- and I like that one and it seems simple enough. I made that one when Juli was 3 months old, so it's doable.

All to say: new plan/fresh start. It's one of my goals for September to compete this album before the month is over. Wish me luck! ;)

Supplies I have pictured include:

My first post about my summer project life book is here.

What are you working on?