Tuesday, September 16, 2014

my weight loss toolbox: 10 weight loss tips

10 weight loss tips
As you know, I'm trying to lose weight. Once upon a time before a pregnancy and several one n1ght stands with Oreos, I was 1 lb away from my goal weight. Now? Not so much, but I know what I have to do. And I can do it. So can you if you're interested. There's lists and lists and LISTS of tips for losing weight/changing your body. I'm throwing my list into the bag because why not?

Start by making a small change
For example, instead of saying "I'm going to exercise every day" when you're currently inactive, say "I'm going to exercise twice this week." That's more doable, and you're more likely to stick to it. Small changes amount to big changes, which amount to big results.

Drink water
Drink throughout the day. I used to set alarms to remind myself to drink water. (I hear there are apps for this though). I know it doesn't taste as good as a sugary drink, but you'll get used to it after some time and it is better for you!

Recruit friends
Friends keep me accountable and I always have workout buddies.

If you're not currently doing anything, just start. Walk, Take a class. Buy a workout DVD. But if you're already moving and not seeing results,

Change up your workout
I've mentioned that I enjoy Zumba (it's one if my favorite forms of activity). I noticed, though, that even though I've been going to Zumba regularly and consistently, I haven't been seeing the results I want (and? my knee hurts). Our bodies are efficient, which means our bodies learn how to work using less calories once it's learned a repeated activity. Our bodies need to be shocked in order for them to change. I'm shocking my body by incorporating Jillian's kettlebell exercises from this DVD a few times a week along with cardio sessions. My body was yelling at me last week about it. #sore

  • Do interval training for maximum results: do a combination of cardio and strength training. 
  • Engage your core: yes, suck it in, but more importantly, make sure you're feeeeling your ab muscles. 
  • Workout small muscles with big muscles simultaneously: you'll burn more calories. For example, do squats along with bicep curls. Our larger muscles (those on the lower half of our bodies) burn more calories than our smaller muscles (our top half) because they're bigger. 
  • Workout consistently for optimal change
Eat right
Whole grains, vegetables, lean dairy, lean protein, fruits, fat in moderation.

Watch your portions
Even healthy foods eaten excessively can lead to weight gain and not loss.

Track/food journal
This helps keep me aware of my portions. I count points as a Weight Watcher, but there are reputable sites for counting calories instead. I like Related: my current food journal.

Eat homemade meals/pack snacks
Meals made at home have less calories than the options found at restaurants. Like, significantly less calories. Challenge yourself to making your favorite restaurant options at home where you can control what and how much is going in. Substitute fatty ingredients for leaner ingredients. Substitute fatty cooking methods (like deep frying) with leaner cooking methods (like broiling or baking).

Be kind to yourself/be realistic
This is your body. Don't beat yourself up because it doesn't look like somebody else's. You're not that person. You're you. Somebody likes you for you! Sure, you're not perfect, but you're working on it. That's what matters. Embrace the process. You didn't gain all the weight overnight. You're not going to lose it all overnight.

I'm talking more to myself than to you here. :)

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