Tuesday, September 23, 2014

my dad's dodgers themed 50th birthday celebration

(I'm sorry if you came by yesterday wondering where I was. My phone is currently broken, which is wreaking havoc in my life. Dramatic, much? "How did this hinder you from posting?" you might be asking yourself. Good question. I use my smartphone to process most of my pictures for my blog. So now I am begrudgingly finding alternate methods until my phone is repaired. #firstworldproblems).

My dad turned 50 last month. (I am the oldest of my siblings and I was born when he was 18. Feel free to do the math. ;) My sisters and I thought it would be fun to host a Dodgers themed birthday party for him. He's obviously a fan of the Angels. Just kidding. ;) He's obviously a fan of the Dodgers.
My sister Jasmine organized, set up the party, and took these pictures. How fun and lazy to think of party themes and have others execute those ideas. ;)
For dinner, we had hot dogs, nachos, chips- food you'd get at a baseball game. We also watched the movie 42. Have you seen it? We liked it.
My brother-in-law Oscar hand drew the Dodgers' logo. So cool!

We all dressed up in blue and white including Juli:
Those are my parents above holding Juli.
Below are my siblings, parents, and me.
Top row from left to right: my mom, my dad, Jennifer, and me. Bottom row from left to right: Jonathan, Jasmine, and Joshua.

It was a fun party. :)

If it seems like we're frequently celebrating birthdays and what not, we are. It's not an illusion. ;) See other parties we've hosted here.