Friday, September 26, 2014

five on friday: tips for staying inspired

five on friday
Hey there, Internet. It's Friday, and I'm ready for the weekend. I've had a blah week, which is probably obvious from the lack posts this week. Because I've been feeling uninspired lately, I decided to research tips for getting inspired and am sharing 5 links with you.

1. Elsie Larson's 5 Tips for Staying Inspired on A Beautiful Mess is useful. My favorite suggestions from her include carrying an idea journal with you and refreshing your workspace.

2. I might have this infographic printed: 24 Slides12 Tips on Staying Inspired. The suggestion to stay healthy makes sense and should definitely be a priority.

3. The infographic 29 Ways to Stay Creative by Islam Abudaoud for Behance is also a good one. I'm going to consider how to "break the rules" this coming week.

4. Helpful suggestions from Elise: 3 Things I Do When I'm Feeling Uninspired. I've been wanting to do a "detailed cleaning of every nook and cranie." Now's probably the time.

5. 21 Ways to Be and Stay Creative by Stacia Pierce for Huffpost is another excellent article. I would like to "take a class." Maybe I'll redo an online class I have already taken.

How do you stay inspired?