Friday, September 12, 2014

five on friday

five on friday
1. A Family Hike + Picnic by Mandi Johnson for A Beautiful Mess is an excellent read. Best takeaway: "We finally put aside my whiny baby concerns (but I don't have hiking boots! But we have a toddler! But... but...!) and drove out to the wilderness for a family adventure." (I totally limit our activities due to my "whiny baby concerns." Gotta stop that).

2. I enjoy taking and sharing pictures though I know very little about photography. I appreciate Justina Blakeney sharing 15 Tips to Styling, Shooting, and Sharing.

3. Is there anything better than crafting embellishments in jars?? Take a look at Jamaica Edgell's paper tape and rubber stamps in jars in her workspace.

4. Eric Barker's 6 Things the Happiest Families all have in Common for "The Week" via Joy the Baker is spot on. My family needs a mission statement stat.

5. Oh, Joy the Baker. These apple pie biscuits have to be in my future with a hot cup of coffee.

Enjoy your weekend! :)