Tuesday, September 2, 2014

august recap

Every month at the end of the month/beginning of the new month, I recap my monthly activities/goals and link to various personal blog posts. See all of 2014's monthly recaps here.

I wish August didn't have to go so soon. We enjoyed the last few weeks of our summer break. (Why doesn't school start in September like it used to when I was a kid? Wait. Is that only specific to our area? Maybe we should move. ;) Anyway, I especially enjoyed our trip to the Saguaro Palm Springs in August. Vacations are the best.
August recap
We went out a few times for ice cream in August and ice cream makes me happy (the evidence of how happy it makes me is on my waist). This ice cream whimsy jar satisfied my sweet tooth without the extra calories though. (I'm on a whimsy jar kick because of my whimsy jar swap).
August recap
In August I got through some of my Project Life book (see my layouts here). I'm caught up 'til the end of May. Now I'm working on my summer book.
August recap
This month I made 3 new sandwiches for my 52 sandwiches project: this bacon, egg, and waffle sandwichthis egg white, avocado, and spinach power sandwich; and this French bread pizza.
August recap
As far as my goals for August, these were my goals, what I accomplished, and what is still in progress:

Continue to incorporate daily, fun summer break activities for my girls until they start school- I completed this project. See here.
Do a 30 day green smoothie challenge
August recap
I am still working on this. See here.
Go thrifting
I didn't. (Insert sad music here).
Read a book
I started to. Does that count? No? ;) I'm actually headed to the library this week.
Plan a surprise birthday party for my dad
I am going to blog about this soon. :)

And that's that.

September, I'm ready for you.

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